At Hein Bæra Law Firm, we offer legal services to individuals, organizations and businesses. Our team provide services in different jurisdictions, both locally and throughout the country, from our offices in Oslo and Skien.

Labor Law


In collaboration with psychologist Thorsell Næs from Team Consulting, we assist employers and employees in reporting unacceptable conditions and behavior or other issues of concern at the workplace. We offer courses, talks, mapping of the work environment and legal assistance to both employers and employees.

Termination of Employment

In regards of labor law, there are significant requirements to the legal and relational processes concerning termination of employment. With broad experience from both public and private business, as well as The Labor Inspection Authority, we provide legal assistance for employers and employees who have suffered wrongful termination of employment.

Criminal Law

Our team provides legal assistance in the defense and counsel of individuals and companies who have suffered or have been charged with criminal conduct. The cost of criminal defense lawyers are often publicly funded. If you have suffered criminal wrongdoing, and you are in need of a criminal defense lawyer, you may be entitled to free legal aid.

Tort Law

A tort is a civil wrong that is inflicted on one person by another person, business, or entity. The remedy for someone who has been harmed typically comes in the form of financial compensation. You may be entitled to financial compensation if you have suffered someone else’s wrongful act, such as fraud, work injuries, accidents, bullying, harassment or discrimination.

In many cases, the cost of legal assistance can be funded based on law or through insurance.

Professional and ethical guidelines

We work in the matter of respectable behavior and ethical guidelines for attorneys, set by The Norwegian Bar Association.